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We aim to recruit and retain the very best professionals to make WhiteLines the company that any would love to be associated with.  We’re constantly growing, pushing the boundaries and on the lookout for exceptionally talented people. 

If you are a professional who looks forward to a long term commitment and successful growth with us, then please do not hesitate to apply for any of the advertised posts below, that you feel is most suited to your experience and passion.

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Highly Resourceful
Skill Integration Expert
Idea Generator
Smart Planner
Calculated Risk Taker
Life Long Learner


a qualification that the job requires (as advertised)
at least one referee from your present company
experience certificates that prove your skills and talents
the language fluency that the job demands (as advertised)

Current Vacancies at Research and Development Wing Of WhiteLines Industries (For Core Vacancies Visit : www.whitelinesindustries.com)

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